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International network of experts in the field of logistics and foreign trade consulting. We help small businesses save and earn more: we provide services in the field of land, air and sea transportation, supply chain management.

We are in Russia and abroad
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
    195248, St. Petersburg,
    Degtyareva street, 4, letter A
    BC "Degtyareva 4"
    office number 609 B

    Type: Central office
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Container terminal "PKT"
    Container terminal "ULKT"
    Container terminal "PLP"
    Container terminal "KTSP"
    Container terminal "MRP"

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
    196626, St. Petersburg, pos. Shushary, st. Poselkovaya, house 12, lit. B

    Type: t/p Yuzhny

  • Russia, Moscow (Moscow region)
    141400, Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevo airport, Sheremetyevo highway, 9

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Russia, Moscow (Moscow region)
    TLC "Khovrino"
    TLC "Vorsino"
    TLC "Bely Rast"
    TLC "Selyatino"

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Russia, Novorossiysk
    Container terminal "NUTEP"
    st. Sukhumi highway, 17 A

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Russia, Vladivostok
    Container terminal "VMTP"
    Container terminal "VMKT"
    Pacific Logistic Container Terminal (Sollers)
    Container terminal "VMRP"

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Russia, Nakhodka
    Container terminal "VSK"
    Wrangel-1, st. Intraportovaya, 14 A

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Lithuania, Vilnius
    Ugniasiu str. fourteen

    Type: LCL cargo warehouse
  • Estonia, Maardu
    Paemurru 8

    Type: LCL cargo warehouse
  • China, Shanghai
    Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao Terminal
    Shanghai East Container Terminal
    Yangshan, SGH Guandong Terminal

    Type: Cargo agency
  • China, Qingdao
    Qingdao Qianwan Container Co Ltd

    Type: Cargo agency
  • China, Ningbo
    Beilun Container Terminal
    Ningbo Meishan Terminal
    Ningbo-Zhoushan Yongzhou Terminal

    Type: Cargo agency
  • Republic of Korea, Busan
    Hanjin Busan New Port Co. Ltd
    Busan Newport International Term.

    Type: Cargo agency
  • India, Mumbai
    Nhava Sheva International Gateway Terminal Pvt. Ltd

    Type: Cargo agency
  • USA, Newark
    Apm Terminal - Berth 88 E425
    Port Newark Container Terminal F577

    Type: Cargo agency
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St. Petersburg, Degtyareva str., 4, letter A
Business center "Degtyareva 4" office No. 609 B

+7(812) 627 17 90

TWE International Logistics
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