Turnkey customs clearance

We take care of all stages
We calculate the cost of the project
We prepare cargo for customs clearance
We register foreign economic activity participants
We carry out customs clearance
Including costs for certification, customs clearance and other costs.

We weigh the cargo, carry out marking, check for defects and repackage.
If necessary, we challenge the actions of the customs authorities.
We prepare and submit documents for customs clearance of cargo.

What cargo do we work with
Souvenir products
Clothing, footwear and textiles
Light and audio equipment
Furniture and fittings
Industrial chemicals and motor oils
Electronics and home appliances
Raw cargo
+ Other types on request
On average, customs clearance takes three days from the receipt of the original documents.
From 7 thousand to 23 thousand rubles. depending on the complexity and quantity of goods.
We work with individual entrepreneurs and organizations
We arrange export, import cargo and customs transit
Our advantages
We prepare legal documents and advise on reporting
Postpaid up to 30 business days
Find out the cost of customs clearance
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TWE International Logistics
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