Turnkey international transportation

We plan routes of any complexity, deliver
and consolidate cargoes from 1 kg
What are we doing
We show the full cost of transportation, including certification and customs costs.
We weigh, check for defects and send a photo report, make labeling and packaging.
We deliver oversized, fragile, dangerous and other cargo with special storage and transportation regulations.
Calculate the project budget
Checking the cargo
We take into account the features of the product
Transportation time
The duration of cargo delivery depends on its characteristics, the complexity of the route, the number of pick-up points and other parameters.
Air transportation
Europe – Russia (Moscow) – 1-2 days
China – Russia (Moscow) – 2-5 days
USA - Russia (Moscow) - 2-5 days
Rail transportation
Vladivostok – Russia (Moscow) – 10 days
China - Russia (Moscow) - 14-16 days
China - Russia (Vladivostok) - 3-7 days
China - Russia (St. Petersburg) - 45-50 days
China - Russia (Novorossiysk) - 40-43 days India - Russia (St. Petersburg) - 30-40 days
USA - Russia (St. Petersburg) - 40-45 days
Road transportation
Turkey - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 12 days
Italy - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 10-12 days
Germany - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 7-9 days
Spain - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 10-12 days
Lithuania / Latvia / Estonia - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 2-3 days
Poland - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 6 days
Holland - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 7-9 days
Denmark - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 7-9 days
Finland - Russia (St. Petersburg / Moscow) - 3-6 days
Other countries on request
What cargo do we work with
Oversized and special cargo
Clothing, footwear and textiles
Medical equipment
Household appliances and electronics
Dangerous liquid cargo
Construction Materials
Raw cargo

+ Other types on request
Choose the direction of transportation
Our advantages
  • 100% insurance for all cargo
  • Loading and unloading anywhere in the world
  • Cargoes and routes of any complexity
  • Free consultation on working with import and export
  • Postpaid up to 30 business days
  • Calculation of standard routes in a few minutes
Find out the cost of transportation
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TWE International Logistics
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